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Welcome to Brothers Outdoor Services LLC

Welcome to Brothers Outdoor Services LLC, your home for all your lawn and landscape needs in the Brookfield CT area.  As the Brookfield Connecticut Lawn Care Authority, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with an attractive, well-maintained landscape. Whether you’re interested in residential landscaping services, commercial landscaping services or condominium services, we provide quality, affordable lawn maintenance and landscape services combined with first class customer service.

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Residential Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services in Brookfield CT

A beautiful lawn is a great place to hang out. Don’t get caught up working in your yard. Let Brothers Outdoor Services give you more time to spend on what really matters to you. We are a full service landscaping and lawn mowing company offering lawn maintenance, design and landscape installation in Brookfield Connecticut and the surrounding areas. But our work doesn’t stop there. We’ll stay for the long haul, taking care of your property for four seasons!

Brookfield Connecticut Residential Lawn Care Services Offered:

We service the following towns: Brookfield, New Milford, Bridgewater, Danbury, New Fairfield

Residential Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services in Brookfield CT

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Brothers Outdoor Services

Brothers Outdoor Services is well-known for transforming homes and commercial properties through lawn maintenance and landscaping.

We have provided the best quality lawn care and landscaping services to local residential and commercial clients in Brookfield CT, Danbury CT, Roxbury CT, Newtown CT, Bethel CT, and New Milford CT.

Brothers Outdoor Services works all year to ensure that your yard always looks its best, no matter what season. 

Allow us to put our years of industry experience to work for you.

We provide year-round services that can significantly improve the appearance and health of your yard. The bottom line is that landscaping is an ever-changing project that evolves with each passing season and each passing year.

We make it a point to learn more about your specific situation so that we can provide you with the personalized care you deserve. The exterior of your home is what creates the first impression and increases curb appeal. 

However, if you do not hire a professional for this type of work, you will likely be dissatisfied with your front and backyard appearance.

There’s a lot more to landscaping than just picking pretty flowers, and we want to help you understand it all.  

To make sense of it all and get the best results possible, all you have to do is contact our team of experts.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company?

  • Experience

Our experts understand how to care for your lawn. We have years of experience and can keep your landscaping lush and green all year.

  • Time is money.

Allow our team to take care of the guesswork and labor of maintaining your grounds! That way, you can simply enjoy your lovely yard.

At Brothers Outdoor Services, we are proud to provide our customers with high-quality landscaping and lawn care services in Brookfield CT, Danbury CT, Roxbury CT, Newtown CT, Bethel CT, and New Milford CT

Whether you need a commercial four season contract or landscape solutions, you can count on us to get the job done right. 

We understand that each client’s needs are unique, so we provide custom-tailored services that meet their objectives.

When you contact us for services, you will quickly realize that we are dedicated to being efficient, dependable, and cost-effective. 

We help our customers get the results they want without sacrificing other areas by utilizing cost-effective solutions. In addition, our team strives to maintain the highest professionalism in the industry..


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Lawn Maintenance

  • You must address the needs of the exterior of your home in the same way that you address the needs of the interior. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your lawn receives the necessary mowing, fertilization, and aeration to look its best. 

    For the best long-term success with your yard care, team up with a pro – like our team here at Brothers Outdoor Services to handle your work in Brookfield CT, Danbury CT, Roxbury CT, Newtown Bethel CT, and New Milford CT. We service the following towns: Brookfield, New Milford, Bridgewater, Danbury, New Fairfield. 

    Our work isn’t just for show; it’s about having the healthiest yard possible. So, if you have yet to establish your lawn, we can also provide services such as grass and sod installation. 

    Perhaps you require installing an irrigation system to keep your lush green lawn looking lush and green.

    Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that we were able to handle it expertly for you. We provide the best seasonal services to keep your lawn looking great all year long. 

    Too often, once a lawn is established, people fail to care for it and then expect it to be the envy of the neighborhood.

    Even with the best maintenance, your lawn may not always look its best. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and offer the best solution.

    Contact Brothers Outdoor Services for top-notch lawn care services, and you can avail of our services in Brookfield CT, Danbury CT, Roxbury CT, Newtown CT, Bethel CT, and New Milford CT.


  • Some residential and commercial landscaping work entails maintenance, while others necessitate installation. When it comes to landscape installation, this can include various services. All of this can help to significantly improve the look of your yard.

    For one thing, this includes mulch, which serves an essential purpose. This material keeps the soil cool, retains moisture, and suppresses weeds. All of this helps protect your plants’ root systems, keeping them healthy for a beautiful appearance and optimal longevity.

    We can also spruce the property up with our design and planting services.  Work with Brothers Outdoor Services to beautify your property by adding trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals will not only beautify the exterior of your property but can add value to your homes well.

    You might even require something more functional than decorative. In that case, Brothers Outdoor Services can assist by offering services such as drainage solutions. 

    You could quickly flood your home and destroy the perfect lawn you worked so hard for if you don’t take care of this. Whatever the case may be, our experts at Brothers Outdoor Services can assist you in obtaining the service that you require to achieve the results you deserve. 

    We are landscaping experts, but more importantly, we are committed to providing excellent customer service to the residents of Brookfield CT, Danbury CT, Roxbury CT, Newtown CT, Bethel CT, and New Milford CT. 

    You should be confident that you are receiving complete customer satisfaction every time.


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Snow Removal

  • Homeowners are well aware that ice and snow can wreak havoc on a house if not removed properly throughout the winter months. When winter hits Brothers Outdoor Services can provide snow removal services to keep your home safe and give you a stress-free winter. We service Brookfield CT, Danbury CT, Roxbury CT, Newtown CT, Bethel CT, and New Milford CT.  

    Snow Removal in the Home

    We begin snow removal with an assessment. We will visit your home to identify any curbs, lawn features, or other obstacles that may be hidden beneath the snowfall. We’ll mark these areas so the plow doesn’t destroy your landscaping.

    When we are ready to perform snow removal services, you can expect the following:

    • Continuous weather monitoring — We constantly monitor meteorological data in your area to predict when you will require snow removal service.
    • Equipment and personnel on standby — We are confident that we will be ready to go if you require our team’s snow removal, shoveling, or salting services.
    • Snow removal equipment calibration — We calibrate our equipment regularly by monitoring dew points and the asphalt temperature surrounding your area. 
    • Monitoring equipment with GPS tracking — We take snow removal seriously, so we use GPS to track all of our equipment and ensure that the job is done correctly.

    Rely on Brothers Outdoor Services Residential Snow Removal 

    Brothers Outdoor Services is here to help if you need residential snow removal service. We understand how difficult it is to keep up with snow removal during the colder months. 

    The good news is that our team is available to provide the professional snow shoveling, plowing, and salting services you require.

    Brothers Outdoor Services

    A good landscape is more than just well-kept grass. These are a testament to the property owner’s attention to detail, excellence, and taste. 

    Good lawn care can be an investment in the health of a property while also providing a source of joy and pride. We take landscaping maintenance seriously at Brothers Outdoor Services because the appearance of a property says a lot about the owner.

    Call Brothers Outdoor Services in Brookfield CT, Danbury CT, Roxbury CT, Newtown CT, Bethel CT, and New Milford CT, for expert lawn care and landscaping services.   

    If you want a lawn and garden that serves as a vibrant, lush outdoor space—a space that reflects your values and care, we are here to assist you. We specialize in creating and maintaining stunning, varied, and customized landscapes that bring out the best in your company.

    Work with Our Professionals

    A beautiful lawn does not appear by itself; it requires the care of professionals to thrive all year.

    We are licensed and extensively trained to ensure that you receive lawn maintenance that meets and exceeds your expectations. We understand the soil and the climate, and we can provide lawn care solutions tailored to your property’s needs and preferences.

    If your home is in Brookfield CT, Danbury CT, Roxbury CT, Newtown CT, Bethel CT, and New Milford CT requires additional services or repairs, please click here to learn more about our services. 

    Call Brothers Outdoor Services today to learn more about us and how we can assist you with all of your lawn maintenance needs.

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    Commercial Landscaping Services in Brookfield, CT

    Brothers Outdoor Services provides 12 months of service for your business. When your customers and clients visit your place of business, chances are the first thing they see is the landscaping. Is the grass overgrown and hedges growing wild? Or is it neat, clean and well kept?

    Let’s face it: your property is a clear reflection of your business. And there’s good news. Brothers Outdoor Services can design a program for all four seasons to help provide your business with a great image that everyone can enjoy. From commercial buildings, condominiums, corporate buildings, churches, industrial buildings and office buildings, Brothers Outdoor Services can tailor a program for your business.

    Commercial landscaping and lawn care services offered in Brookfield CT, New Milford CT, Bethel CT and Danbury CT

    • Lawn Mowing
    • Spring/Fall Cleanups
    • Mulching
    • Bed Maintenance
    • Fertilizing
    • Pruning/Hedge Trimming
    • Snow Plowing and Removal
    • Sod/Lawn Installations
    • Lot Cleanup
    Commercial Landscaping Services in Brookfield, CT

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    This image was taken before Brothers Outdoor Services finished clearing this property of weeds and underbrush. This picture includes a young person about to cut trees with a chainsaw along with heavy machinery in the woods. This picture was taken after Brothers Outdoor Services provided landscaping services to this playground. There is fresh mulch and fencing around the playground in Brookfield CT.
    This picture was taken before Brothers Outdoor Services finished providing property maintenance and landscaping to this area. In the picture is heavy machinery clearing trees and weeds from the property. This picture was taken after Brothers Outdoor Services provided landscaping services to this playground. The picture depicts a white table, jungle gym, fresh mulch, and fencing.
    This picture is of the front of a house and its front yard. This picture was taken before Brothers Outdoor Services provided landscaping services. This picture was taken after Brothers Outdoor Services finished landscaping the front yard of this house. The weeds have been pulled and the flower beds have been edged.

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    Brothers Outdoor Services
    10 reviews

    Jim Wertz
    Jim Wertz
    Rick has proven to be the type of person everyone wants to deal with, honest, professional, and does what he says he's going to do. 5* Company!
    Maria Russo
    Maria Russo
    Rick McCarty, Owner of Brothers Outdoor Services provided stellar services to us. A different company came and installed a fence for us. They did not install the fence properly and in fact, 98% of all the poles needed complete replacement. Rick came, as a fellow Brookfield resident - to just review the fence that was installed. He was not coming here for business. After his review, we decided we needed to have the fence reinstalled properly by a different company than the original installers. We reached out to Rick- he gave us a very reasonable rate and had all but a couple poles reinstalled to proper depths, re-cemented, mesh tightened and secured as they should be. His demeanor is humble and kind. Hard working and gets the job done properly. This is the Brothers Outdoor Services company to hire!
    Great service! I've been using these guys for the past eight years and they are consistently reliable, professional, and responsive.
    Sue Armstrong
    Sue Armstrong
    Rick and his crew are great! They put in a driveway for us last year and we love it. They also do our lawn care and snowplowing. They are the best lawn care service we have had. They are an amiable group, easy to work with, reliable and thorough.
    Paula Grise
    Paula Grise
    Rick is a great guy to deal with , very honest and does a great job. I would not hesitate to recommend Brothers Outdoor Services!
    Becky Petro
    Becky Petro
    Outstanding business. I highly recommend them as I have recommended them to family, friends and business associates.
    Huey’s Mom Forever
    Huey’s Mom Forever
    Reasonably priced, reliable service, great to work with!
    Debra B
    Debra B
    First lawn care experience in town and very happy. Easy to communicate with and any concerns resolved easily. Would definitely recommend.
    Nancy Nieves
    Nancy Nieves
    The best in town. Never have had better service & courtesy & respect. I've recommended to all my friends.

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